Have you owned art for so long, you’re tired of it? Have you inherited paintings that really aren’t your taste? Or, in these tough economic times, do you need to raise money?

The MUSEUM SHOP, LLC. art brokerage will choose a venue that can produce the best price for your art. Since 1962, we have  developed connections all over the world and can find where your art will fetch the most. We negotiate a lower fee than you would be charged if you handled the sale yourself, which means you pay us little to do all the work for you.

And work it is, It takes a lot of time to contact various dealers to find the lowest fee for selling your art. There is a lot of paper work, good photos must be taken, a custom crate must be constructed for shipping and the piece(s) must be insured. It is not an easy process.

Needless to say our brokerage service is for valuable, original art.