THE MUSEUM SHOP, LTD. will give you an opinion as to the value of your art, assuming it has a legible signature. We use proprietary web sites to look up information about the artist and on recent sales of his work. We have contacts at the world’s major auction houses who can refer us to the leading authority on an artist, who can authenticate an art piece, most often for a fee of several hundred dollars or more. Without this authentication, the art will not be considered genuine and would be difficult to sell.

THE MUSEUM SHOP, LTD. can provide opinions of value to art owners or disaster restoration and insurance companies.

Our process and information sources are the same that a Certified Apraiser uses. Appraisers, however, often charge between $150-200 an hour. THE MUSEUM SHOP, LTD. charges $100 an hour for the first hour and $80 for each hour thereafter.