Project Description

This is an old painting from the 1700,s Italian that depicts baby Jesus and angels. It was a large piece and had been restored before 50 to 100 years ago. My job was to restore the painting and document the actual condition of the piece. I took ultraviolet photographs of the
painting and discovered that there was retouching and inpainting many years ago. See the blue and gray photos taken with a time exposure for a few seconds. This revealed the inpainting previously restored at an earlier time period. There were some loss areas that had to be
inpainted by me. I used B72 acryloid, toulene and dry ground pigments applied with a spotting brush. Finally a sealer was applied to the
painting using a clear Damar Varnish. This was used because it can be removed and all inpainting can also be removed at a latter time 50 to 75 years from now. The restoration was a big success.